NEW Products!!!!

2013-12-01 07.49.10Last night, we released our first piece of furniture. This has been a line we have wanted to add to the shop for some time. We just needed someone with the time and abilities to produce the quality furniture we wanted in our shop. Robert and I have no woodworking abilities, so we knew we were not the answer. So we waited on a solution. Last spring, my daughter, her husband and granddaughter number four (BTW, granddaughters number 6 and 7 will be here early in 2014—–7 granddaughters!!!!) had moved back to California. In September, my daughter joined the business by making beautiful tutus for little girls. We talked often about our dreams for our thriving Etsy shop, over Sunday dinners. We talked about our goals and plans for the future. One Sunday, over a plate of BBQ’d ribs and potato salad, my son-in-law offered to make the furniture. When he arrived at the house with his sample, we were delighted it with it. It was well constructed, very strong and as cute as could be! I couldn’t wait to sew some bedding for it. 

As I worked along with my normal sewing for the shop, I found it hard to commit any time to making bedding. The days passed, then weeks. I felt bad, as I really wanted to get these darling beds into our shop. I spoke with my daughter and asked her what she thought about making the bedding. She was on-board! Hooray!

So, as of today, you will find the beginnings, and only the beginnings, of our furniture line. We have lots of plans to expand the furniture line and bedding choices. If there is something in particular you think we should add, or you would like, add a comment. YOU are the reason we are in business. We value your comments!


Challenged by a Customer!

ImageOur customers have the best ideas. Kathleen contacted us wanting a pair of McKenna pajamas for her little girl’s doll. Of course, McKenna being the 2012 Girl of the Year, they are all retired. This makes them very expensive in the secondhand market, even IF you can find them.

Since I had never tried to replicate an American Girl outfit, I decided I would accept the challenge. Finding a fabric for the pants was a bit difficult. There aren’t a lot of stripes at the market, right now. Stripes in the right scale, color and with stars? No way, but I came away with something I thought I could work with. Robert and I put our heads together and finally decided to paint the stars on the fabric ourselves. This took me back to my days of teaching tole painting and fabric painting in the late 70s. It was great fun. 

I used a Liberty Jane Pattern to sew the baseball-style pajama top. Robert made the graphic. He is very particular and won’t settle for something less than great. He has become a master at this and can truly make great customized graphics for your doll’s tees. 

Moving on to the slippers was the next challenge. Having only made three pair of doll shoes, in the past, I wasn’t sure where I would go with these. I couldn’t find a pattern for this style slipper, so I drafted my own. Next I found a “minky” fabric with a low pile, which was perfect. The final step was searching out the cute little stars for the slippers.

In the end, I was quite please with our pajamas and so was Kathleen: 

“All I can say is AMAZING! My daughter was so excited to open these and she couldn’t even tell the difference between AG’s McKenna pjs and her’s made by you! The attention to detail was spot on and to fabric paint the stars on the pants was pure genius  The decal on the shirt perfectly matched and we were impressed by the care that went into making these pjs! Thank you! We will definitely use you for future purchases!”

So, we wrap up another pleasant day at It’s Sew Susan. We love our customers. We love their wonderful ideas and we love their challenges….Keep ’em coming!

“Making little girls smile. This is why I sew.”


Jammin’ ‘Jamas

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe are so excited to add more PJs and sleeping bags to our shop! We now have ELEVEN different sets, many with matching sleeping bags. Do you remember receiving PJs on Christmas Eve? I sure do!!! My kids ALWAYS got new pajamas on Christmas Eve! Wanted those Christmas morning pictures to sparkle, you know. Some years I bought them, some years I made them. My youngest son, now 22, still hangs his head at the mention of Christmas PJs. You see, in 2009,  I made everyone flannel penguin print PJ bottoms and red tops. However, in the moment of  “let’s take this over the top” I appliqued 10″ penguins to the shirts! What a good sport he was! He even let me capture a few pictures! Do notice the position of his arms! Ha Ha!

2012-12-18 07.40.38

You must grab some PJs for your doll’s Christmas morning! If your dolls have been longing for a slumber party or movie night, these are too 2012-12-18 07.32.22perfect!
If ordered today, the USPS says you will received them for Christmas with Priority Shipping!

Joyous Holidays!