“Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way….”

“Hold on, Becky. I need a quick picture of you before heading out to Grandma’s house for Easter. She is going to LOVE your new outfit!” Becky and her family are so excited to DSCN2052spend Easter week with their grandparents. Becky is especially pleased with her new outfit. She picked it up from ItsSewSusan.Etsy.com.

I am excited, too. Excited because I just purchased a wonderful embroidery machine. I’ve already made six more three-piece sets like this one, with various themes……cupcakes, Tinkerbell, peace, and more. I’ve also made a cute chihuahua three-piece outfit, too. The fun thing is, I can customized to most any dog you’d like, in the colors of your pup. We will do custom embroidery on our soccer outfits, and soon to be added baseball, football and t-ball and Little League uniforms.

Watch my Etsy Shop as I list these, and more this next week.  Follow me here and on Facebook      ItsSewSusan.Etsy.com.


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