Money-Saving Tips

target_lady1-753x364I love all the American Girl accessories. They are beautiful, cute and fun, all at the same time. Every time I go to the AG website, I lust after so many items. Oh, to have unlimited funds! I think this year’s Girl of the Year release was the final blow for my pocketbook. Grace is beautiful. I’m sure I will get her, at some time this year, but it is her bakery that I covet. I think it is the best set AG has made. I love all the detailed pieces, but…whoa…the price…..$500.00. There are a few alternatives, one of them is finding cute pieces, other than at AG. A year or two ago, I ran across the Our Generation dolls. Although I am not impressed with the dolls, I love all the extras……travel sets, sick day kit, and cars and campers. But, late last year Our Generation came out with two fabulous pieces….the kitchen and the diner. My local Target couldn’t keep them in stock. I splurged on the kitchen, myself. Do you have a list of wants at Target? I sure do and now that I am moving my granddaughters into AG dolls, my list has many multiples on it, too. Way too long a list. Well, I came across this list of secrets to shopping at Target. The neat this is this is not for just the OG stuff, but the entire store. The more we save in all those other departments, the more we have to spent in the OG isles. Have fun! And leave a few things for me, ok?