Dolls with a Cause Auction


Elsa Dress Give Away

A friend of mine has breast cancer. Pam and I met three years ago due to our mutual love for American Girl Dolls. She also homeschooled her kids, as I did. She loves to sew, cans and of course, her first granddaughter is very dear to her. We have so much in common. Most of all, she is a wonderful, loving and giving person. Her family is so caring and supportive. However, their financial needs are really being put to the test, as time off work to take care of her, drive her to chemo and other expenses have drained them.

Some of our doll friends started Dolls with a Cause some time ago. They have had auctions for Leukemia, Make a Wish, Komen, Autism Speaks, Wounded Warrior Project. When they heard about Pam, as we are all friends they wanted to hold an auction to help her. It is scheduled to start August 31 and will run for one week.

We have donated our last Elsa dress to the auction. There are so many beautiful outfits and even a doll has been up for auction.

Don’t forget, Christmas is right around the corner. This is a great time to start your holiday shopping! Please take a look.


Tell Me Do…..

Old & New Samantha Dolls - Not Labeled

Well, we’re almost there! Or,  should I say, they’re almost here? The Beforever dolls will be released in just nine more days! How excited are you?

The historical dolls have always been my favorite. I was really sad when Mattel announce some of the historicals would be archived. As a former homeschool teacher, it really broke my heart. I felt, before long, they would all be gone. I truly think that WAS Mattel’s plan. But, as we have seen with other companies, recently, they are responding to their customer’s requests to bring discontinued items back. Think McDonald’s, Starbucks and Wendy’s. Consumers are getting more of a voice because companies have decided to listen. I am very excited to see Samantha return.

This lead me to wondering how much they would change Samantha. I did some research and pulled a picture of the old Samantha next to the new Samantha. Other than the meet outfit, I don’t see much difference……I am relieved!