Expanding Our Line

ImageOne thing we are always working on is new products. As you know, we started out with hand sewn doll clothes almost two years ago. It wasn’t long before we added shoes and some accessories. Last fall we added Birthday Party Packages to our shop. We are always on the look out for new items we thing our customers will enjoy.

Well, today is the day we add a new line. Something we are very excited about. Our first refurbished doll! We have talked about this for about a year, but we had to spend time learning the best, most successful ways to make a once-loved doll shine again. So we did our homework, bought some dolls and started experimenting until we were satisfied with the results.

Today we listed our first refurbished doll, a Samantha. Most of you know, but for any readers not familiar, Samantha Parkington is a Historical American Girl Doll. Her story is set in 1904. She is a very kind and compassionate 10-year-old, who is being raised by her grandmother. She lives a life of finery and frills in her grandmother’s elaborate home, but when a poor family is hired as servants, to her next door neighbor, she befriends their oldest girl, Nellie. Samantha really is a delightful girl!

We are so excited to offer these refurbished dolls. We will be adding more, as we are able to find them. Let us know what you think. Also, if you are looking for a particular doll, let us know. We’ll keep our eyes open for one for you.

“Making little girls smile. This is why I sew.”




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