Merry Christmas to 12 Little Girls from YOU!

2012-12-19 07.28.38

Thanks to our wonderful customers, we were thrilled to have been able to donate over $1000 in dolls and doll clothes this year! As you may know, we take the first 10% of our gross sales and buy dolls to donate. Throughout the year, I sewed clothes to send along with the dolls. The dolls had 5 outfits, a leotard/swimsuit and Skylar made a tutu for each, as well. Robert is very involved with this project, too. He shopped all year to find the right 18” dolls. In addition, he researched and selected the charity for our donation. This year Toys for Tots was our recipient. Last week, we all worked to package the dolls and outfits into carrying totes for the girls.  On Thursday morning, Robert and Skylar delivered the gifts to the Toys for Tots Distribution Center.

It gave us great joy to wake up this morning, knowing 12 little girls were opening up dolls and doll clothes donated by you and us. Little girls that may not have received anything without this donation.

None of this would be possible without the support of our customers! It is a highlight of the year for us. This is our second year in business and the second year we have been fortunate enough to gift dolls to deserving little girls. Last year, through the Rocklin Moms Group, we donated dolls with outfits to Love, Olivia. We look forward, with your help, to donating even more dolls next year!


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to 12 Little Girls from YOU!

  1. That’s fabulous ! I love the idea of ecstatic whoops of joy or quiet admiration on Christmas morning for a child who would not otherwise get anything for Christmas . I also love the idea of making kids dreams come true for the holidays.

    1. Anngel,

      I love the contrast in reactions, which you described. Each so precious. I can only thank our customers for their support. THEY are the ones who have made this possible.

      Have a joyous New Year!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. I’m sure those lucky 12 little girls were very thrilled! We have a group at our church that do this same thing for the foster children in our community. It is a labor of love. Smiles,Caro Lynn

  3. Wouldn’t you have loved to see those little girls getting those dolls?! I can just imagine how happy they’d be. It’s great that they got the tote too to keep everything in. Some of those kids move around a lot. That’s still one of my favorite childhood Christmas memories – the year my mom sewed a whole wardrobe for my Ideal Crissy doll. Even though I knew she was making clothes for her, it was still so exciting to open that package and see what was in it. I still have that doll and those clothes now, more than 30 years later. And I wasn’t even much of a “dolly kind of girl”. Bless your kind and giving hearts.

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