I have participated in the Angel Card Project for several years. It is a simple way to encourage people who don’t usually get on the lists to receive during the holidays. You can participate in your own home at the simple cost of a few card

s and stamps. This is a GREAT project to involve the kids in. Maybe they can make the cards, too. You can also add names to the list. Here’s Mark’s message:

“The Angel Card Project is an Internet wide charity event with the purpose of sending Christmas Cards to the sick, elderly, military, lonely, nursing homes and generally anyone out there who needs cheering up during the holidays. And we need Volunteers to help us send those cards! We also give people the opportunity to submit names to us of those that they feel like could use cheering up. So if you would like to send some cheer to some wonderful people this year visit the page at:http://countrychurchcrafts.com/2012angelcardproject.html


Baby, It’s Cold Outside……..

Here in northern California, we are still going back and forth between hot days, in the 80s, and cold days, in the 50s. It’s hard to know how to dress for a day outdoors. The evenings are definitely cool, so, even if you start out in something light, you need some warmth in the evening. A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, in Wheatland, CA. It was a great day, which started out warm but, when the sun went down and we found ourselves eating fresh-baked apple dumplings with ice cream, we definitely needed something warmer around our necks! I had a light scarf around my neck, but was wishing for something warmer! All this made me think of a warm, cute and easy fashion accessory for your 18” doll. You know, they get cold in the Autumn, too. So I’ve put together this little no-sew tutorial for you.

This would be so much fun to do with your granddaughters the next time they visit. As you know, we are very busy developing 18” doll birthday party ideas. Thinking this would be a very easy craft for the younger girls to do at a doll-themed party.

So….let’s get going….. First thing you’ll need is some fleece. I purchased a 4” strip of 60” fleece. At first, I was looking for small scaled prints, but in the end, I decided I like the large prints better. You can’t really see the pattern, but I like the indistinguishable all-over pattern best for a scarf. At this point, you have a choice of widths. All the scarves shown here are 4” wide, however, Robert feels the dolls look like they are being choked by the finished scarf. To me, it looks warm and cozy. So, you decide…either 3” or 4” wide will work just fine. At my local fabric store, they are very careful to straighten the edge before cutting your piece, so the most difficult part is already done for you..

                                                   Cut the selvage off both ends.

Cut 60” length in half, making two 30” pieces. If your length happens to be a little longer or shorter, no problem. This will give you two scarves. Set one aside or make it along with your granddaughter, for YOUR doll.

You do have a doll of your own, don’t you? The little girl inside each of us still loves dolls. Your granddaughter will have more fun playing dolls with you, when you have your OWN doll! And, you will have so much fun dressing her up!

            Clip into the short end every ½” apart and 2” deep. No need to measure. Just eyeball it.

                                                  Repeat on other end.

Wrap around your dolls and admire. Don’t they look warm and snugly?

We’d love to see pictures of your dolls with their new scarves! Send them to ItsSewSusan@comcast.net and we will post them here.

So there you have it, our first craft for your 18” dolls. We hope you enjoyed it, but most of all, were inspired to make these up. What about helping you daughter/granddaughter to make these for all her girlfriends for Christmas? Maybe even matching sets…one for the little girl and one for the doll? For a little girl version, I would start with a 12” width and use the entire 60” length. I would still cut the ends at ½” intervals, but make those cuts 4” deep. Enjoy!

“Making little girls smile. This is why I sew.”