Swimsuit I Made for Moriah
Our Moriah in the Swimsuit I Made for Her

Finally, I am able to take a moment to catch you up on what has taken me out of the loop this summer.

One of my daughters, and her husband, of two years, live in Cambodia, working at a children’s center. Actually they, along with other friends from our area have worked there for five years. The middle of April, they came home to have their first baby. Sweet little Moriah was born, on June 2, after 30 hours of hard back labor. Though a long delivery, everyone is healthy and adjusting to their new live. I am excited to have my fourth granddaughter!

Now, I am eagerly awaiting the birth of my fifth granddaughter, Ellie, my son’s second daughter.  She was originally expected on August 17th, but doctors are now saying it could be much sooner.

My daughter, and family, will be returning to Cambodia sometime in September. We have been working hard looking into alternatives for them in Cambodia. The village, in which they live, is an 18 hour round trip bus ride to Phenom Penh, the closest city. With a baby???? We are trying to see what we can do to limit the number of trips and the amount of stuff they need to haul back on the bus.

I’ve made some cloth diapers for them to try out. No way can box after box of disposables be hauled to the village! Then there is the hand washing. Did you know laundry soap is a huge majority of water? No point in hauling water on a bus! So we are experimenting with laundry soap, which is much cheaper to make, also. Next, we are experimenting with bar soap. I do LOVE  pretty, fragrant handmade bar soap, but with 10 bars, shipped, costing about $80, I shudder every time I buy it. Then, I have to get some of it to Cambodia, because I do like spoiling my daughter! I plan on sharing our experiences and some pictures. We are no experts, but you might enjoy our fun and, who knows, maybe you’ll give some of these a try. (Follow our blog, so you don’t miss a thing.)

I’ve sewn a couple of outfits for Moriah. Today, I am finishing up mother-daughter dresses for them to wear to a wedding. Next, my first smocking project. I am making a Dedication Dress (just like a Christening Dress) from Australian Smocking and Embroidery Magazine. Through the years, I have met some fantastic people online. One of them is Jan Boyd. She is coaching, guiding, teaching and encouraging me through this endeavor. Check out her beautiful work at her blog, http://janssmocking.blogspot.com/ . You’ll know I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

Heidi and I also have plans to try some cheeses before they go back. In their village, they have goats, cows and chickens, but the goats and cows aren’t milked! The goats are food and the cows are labor animals. In fact, my daughter and one of her friends were trying to milk a cow and the kids at the center thought they were abusing the poor cow!

So, as you can see, I have meandered a bit from my sewing studio, but only for a time. ItsSewSusan.Etsy.com is open and you can shop all you want. I really stocked up before they got home in anticipation of spending lots of fun time with my kids. I have been dreaming about new clothes for your dolls. I’ve bought some great new fabrics, but my time has been spent loving and enjoying my family while they are state-side.

Hope you are having a great summer!


“Making little girls smile. This is why I sew”


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