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A Great Big Thank You to Our Customers!

Robert, Skylar and I want to thank each and every one of our customers for their part in donating 10 18″ dolls to The Moms Club in Rocklin, California. This wonderful group of women then passed the dolls to some very deserving little girls, who are  fighting cancer. Thank you all for helping us make these little girls happy.

Early on this year, the first year of our business, we decided we wanted to do something special at the end of the year. We committed to setting aside 10% of each sale for a charity project. We decided donating dolls was perfect for our business. You can read more about the reason for deciding this in an earlier post. When on a buying trip, in October, we came upon a fantastic bargain on dolls. We grabbed all they had.

When we bought them, we knew we didn’t like their hair, so Robert set about to remedy the situation. He patiently spent hours re-wigging each doll. Now, they had long beautiful hair. The type of hair little girls love to brush!

Next, to dress them. Skylar was quick to volunteer to make a tutu for each doll. She enthusiastically tied yards and yards and yards of tulle into fluffy tutus. I took on the role of making leotards. We finished the ballerina outfits off with ballet slippers. But this was not enough!

Throughout the year, as I was sewing, I made an extra piece of whatever I was working on and set it aside for our doll project. This allowed us to give each doll a second outfit, complete with shoes.

Thinking of these little girls and realizing some of them are in the hospital, we knew they would have trouble keeping track of their new dolls and their wardrobes. With this in mind, we picked up storage bins for the clothes and then packed each doll in her own It’s Sew Susan bag, made by Robert.

In the end, we had a wonderful time with this. It feels so good to bless these girls in this small way. We want you all to know we couldn’t have done this without your help. 10% of what you spent in our Etsy shop went into purchasing the dolls and wigs. We hope knowing about YOUR part blesses you, too.



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