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The Sac Etsy Team is have a FUNDRAISER for Andrea Edes a fellow Etsy shop owner and designer of Spirit Becomes Art artisan jewelry.

Having just received medical clearance to return to job-hunting after a recent total knee replacement, she had a household fall on December 17th and broke both legs. Not only is she not able to put weight on both legs for at least six weeks, she has pretty much run through her savings these past few months. Additionally, she requires assisted living care and it is not covered under her insurance. Due to the extent of care she will continue to require, her estimated cost for the remainder of the six weeks is $2,500.00. This amount is an extreme hardship.

The Sacramento Etsy Team will be donating items in our Etsy shops for Andrea. Please search under the tag “fundraiser Andrea” for items donated to help Andrea with her unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses. All proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to Andrea. Thank you for your support.


Click here to purchase:

Andrea, those of us at It’s Sew Susan hope you are “feeling groovy” very soon!


Santa’s Workshop……..


The Chicago Tribune  featured a wonderful article yesterday about what is going on in the American Girl factory in DeForest, WI these days. Follow this link to see all the excitement .,0,5874050.story

It is so sweet to see how some of the “injured” dolls arrive in WI. I cringed when I saw the heads that had been replaced.

Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section. And follow us to stay up on all the exciting American girl news!

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A Great Big Thank You to Our Customers!

Robert, Skylar and I want to thank each and every one of our customers for their part in donating 10 18″ dolls to The Moms Club in Rocklin, California. This wonderful group of women then passed the dolls to some very deserving little girls, who are  fighting cancer. Thank you all for helping us make these little girls happy.

Early on this year, the first year of our business, we decided we wanted to do something special at the end of the year. We committed to setting aside 10% of each sale for a charity project. We decided donating dolls was perfect for our business. You can read more about the reason for deciding this in an earlier post. When on a buying trip, in October, we came upon a fantastic bargain on dolls. We grabbed all they had.

When we bought them, we knew we didn’t like their hair, so Robert set about to remedy the situation. He patiently spent hours re-wigging each doll. Now, they had long beautiful hair. The type of hair little girls love to brush!

Next, to dress them. Skylar was quick to volunteer to make a tutu for each doll. She enthusiastically tied yards and yards and yards of tulle into fluffy tutus. I took on the role of making leotards. We finished the ballerina outfits off with ballet slippers. But this was not enough!

Throughout the year, as I was sewing, I made an extra piece of whatever I was working on and set it aside for our doll project. This allowed us to give each doll a second outfit, complete with shoes.

Thinking of these little girls and realizing some of them are in the hospital, we knew they would have trouble keeping track of their new dolls and their wardrobes. With this in mind, we picked up storage bins for the clothes and then packed each doll in her own It’s Sew Susan bag, made by Robert.

In the end, we had a wonderful time with this. It feels so good to bless these girls in this small way. We want you all to know we couldn’t have done this without your help. 10% of what you spent in our Etsy shop went into purchasing the dolls and wigs. We hope knowing about YOUR part blesses you, too.


A Better Christmas…….

We were so excited last fall to start a charitable donation fund. After deciding to give 10% right off the top of our sales, we began thinking about who our recipients would be.

I began thinking about how much I loved my dolls, as a little girl. I had several and each one was special to me. I remember lining them up in bed with me, at night. I could never have chosen a favorite to sleep with me. I remember one Christmas night very well.

We had been to my grandparent’s for a traditional Christmas dinner and celebration with all our relations, as my grandmother called them. Returning home, to my horror, I had left my new Miss Revlon doll at Grandma’s. My parents assured me Grandma would take good care of her till morning, but I would have nothing to do with THAT. Tender-heartedly, my dad returned to Grandma’s, in the late hours of the night, so he could once again gift me with Miss Revlon.

As I was reminiscing , I thought of the little girls who don’t even have one doll, and they won’t  get one this Christmas, either. So many things prevent us from giving our children all we wish we could. Loss of jobs, injuries, illness, a death in the family.  I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be to wish for a doll and not get one. I remember 15 years ago, as a single mom, saving all year to buy my daughter an American Girl Doll for Christmas. This year, there will be many disheartened parents who just can’t  pull this off.

So, with your help, we will be making wishes come true. With your help, we will able be buy dolls for very deserving little girls. We are going to go back to our first sales, so everyone who has already purchased something from us will have opportunity to be part of putting a smile on these little girl’s hearts and faces.  In addition to the dolls, It’s Sew Susan will give outfits to go with the dolls. As I am sewing, I will make extra outfits, just for this purpose.

We will be donating the dolls to Keaton Raphael Memorial in Roseville, California ( via the Rocklin South MOMS Club. To date, we have $180..00 (updated 12/08/2011) to buy dolls. We found a fantastic price on some dolls. We’ve purchased 10!!! Yay!!!. As the sales continue, we will keep adding dolls. We started a box of clothes for the dolls several months ago. I am also adding gently used clothes from my collection, so these dolls will have a nice wardrobe. We will take some pictures so we can all enjoy this together.

I want to thank all of YOU for YOUR part in this. It has been very exciting to see the funds grow.

So here’s to a better Christmas for as many little girls as we can bless!

More updates very soon.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I love The Twelve Days of Christmas. In fact, it was one of the first Christmas songs I taught to my kids. From 1988 to 1997 I decorated store front windows with colorful Christmas paintings. We converted the back of our VW bus into a play area/bed for the kids. We enthusiastically  painted all day long and many times into the wee hours of the night. As we drove from client to client spread across the entire San Francisco Bay Area, one of our favorite activities was bellowing Christmas carols. And is The Twelve Days of Christmas ever a good one to bellow……..”and f-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-v-e golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens and two Turtle doves and a partridge in a pear t-r-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e.”

Jef of the Sacramento Etsy Team recently approached the group with the idea of a Christmas giveaway. Twelve very talented artisans have join him with beautiful examples of their work. Several pretty pieces of jewelry, baby gifts, candles, unique pens, and I have donated a pretty doll in a fairy costume made by me.

Click the link and sign up for the gifts you’d like to win.

Good luck!