American Boy Dolls?

 After 25 years of American Girl Dolls to thrill our   hearts,  are there finally American Boy Dolls on the horizon? Time NewsFeed released a story about Valerie Tripp’s newest project. Tripp, along with other authors,  plans to write a series of six books about a modern-day-Native-American boy, who struggles to fit in.


While the Time NewsFeed author is doubtful Tripp will catch the interest of young boys, I think she will certainly catch the eye of American Girl lovers everywhere, if Mattel will only give the boy doll a chance.

Think of it, most little girls would enjoy introducing the adventures of a 10 year old boy into their play.  He could be the brother, cousin, neighbor or school-mate. He might capture the eye of a new audience of  little girls who are not all fluff and frills, as he befriends the dolls already in the line.

And the adult collector? Many a American Girl Doll has metamorphosed into a charming young man to be displayed and enjoyed along side the beautiful historical American Girl Dolls. Women who have sons might enjoy adding a boy or two to their collections, too.

As a seamstress, and I know others will agree, sometimes it is fun to take on something totally different than anything you have ever done before. Think of the boy costumes we could great through the historical eras already represented in the existing books. Imagine the possibilities with a darling American Boy Doll.

I do hope Matell will embrace this marvelous new idea. I think there is an endless market for a boy doll, as there seems to be for the girl doll. What do you think? Please leave your comments below


4 thoughts on “American Boy Dolls?

  1. I would love to see an American Boy doll. My son has a boy bitty baby, because, well that was the closest we could get when he really wanted to play dolls with his older sister. He was only 3, so the smaller doll was perfect. I do hope, if they decide to make a boy doll that it is a bit more durable and that they make the dolls for little boys, and not just for collecting. For example, little boys aren’t going to play with all the accessories and what not…but if they sold a remote control car that you could strap the doll to, in my son’s words – that would be totally awesome!

  2. Jaymie,

    What a great idea to have a remote control car for the American Boy Doll! Shouldn’t be too difficult for Mattel to come up with. Besides, there are plenty of little girls that would love one, too. My granddaughter loves her remote control car!

    Making little girls smile…..this is why I sew!


  3. My 7 year old grandaughter loves her American Girl Dolls and her 5 year old brother loves his American Boy Doll ( i think he experienced a metamorphosis) and has named him William! I would love to find a “prince outfit” for him, or an little boy English outfit from the 40’s. My grandson said it would be great to have super hero outfit for him. There could be also historical boys outfits with knickers or outfits for different occoupations… policeman, firefighter, sailor, Marine… or for characters from movies similiar to Tron, etc.
    My husband who is 70 years old had a boy doll named Jack. I am looking for pictures of boy dolls from the 40’s. (If anyone can help, I would love it.) I would like to create an outfit for William like his grandfather’s doll. We have Molly from that period and they could be great friends.

    1. Carolyn,

      Thanks so much for commenting on this post. We are actually working on a couple of metamorphosises ( metamorphi?) and will have them available soon. I think AG is really missing the boat on this. We will some great boy outfits! If there is anything we can put together for you, let us know. We did make a jeans, tee and baseball cap for a boy doll, recently. We are ready to get these going!

      Happy New Year!


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