Meet Felicity’s Family

 It is always exciting to discover another doll lover.  I had a real surprise this week, when I found one  among my own family. In the picture, you see my  new son-in-law’s sister’s family. May I take a  moment to tell you I love my son-in-law! Dan and  Heidi have been married about a year and a half.  He is  such a wonderful man and cares so much  about my  daughter. I am so happy to have him as  a part of  our family. They are missionaries in  Cambodia, so  we don’t see much of them. I miss  them terribly.  But, I digress………

I was reading my daughter’s Facebook, when I saw  a link to this picture. To my surprise, there was  American Girl doll Felicity’s family! Here is what mom, Kirsten, had to say about these great costumes:

We got these costumes together for Halloween this year, because my almost-five-year-old daughter really loves the Felicity American Girl stories. She loves acting out the stories at home daily and thought it would be dreamy to dress the part too, especially if the rest of the family joined her! 

I agreed to costuming the family as Felicity’s family (which to me meant any kind of Colonial dress, since Felicity’s family was a bit wealthy). It was a little more challenging than expected for some of us. Madeleine’s costume I found at a consignment event for a few dollars. Dad’s costume was easy, since most of it was made up of pieces from his traditional Scottish costume. I simply bought a $3 pair of wool pants at a thrift store and some elastic to create breeches. My costume consisted of a mob cap bought off Amazon, a purchased apron, a thrift store skirt, half a pillowcase, and a shirt I wear frequently. Jack was the trickiest. I couldn’t find thrift store items for him and it seemed that no one sold costumes his size for the colonial time period. I finally found one through Amazon and bought his had at a local museum. 

Madeleine has the Kirsten doll I had when I was a girl, which is now a vintage doll that has been around since 1988. This is currently the only American Girl doll we own. Madeleine also really likes the Felicity doll and we are both disappointed that both Kirsten and Felicity have been discontinued. Madeleine really likes both Kirsten and Felicity’s stories, because she is enthralled with pioneer and colonial life and all the chores from those time periods. 

Such a great idea for all of us to tuck away for next Halloween. If any of my followers dressed as an American Girl family, I would love to see the pictures!

Count your blessings……



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